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Mom to Madre extends a hand, in English and Spanish, to young moms trying to beat the odds. We focus on mothers who are participating in Social Service programs in San Diego County for low- income families with children from birth to age five. Our outstanding volunteers provide bilingual information, education and support to help moms provide their young children with the loving foundation necessary for learning and excelling in school.


Since October 2009, we have enjoyed serving families in San Diego County. During this time we have brought our message of literacy and loving parenting to thousands of parents with young children in our community. We have been to more than 148 program sites in the county, many on multiple occasions. We have given more than 42,953+ books to children, families and organizations, and have spoken in literacy presentations, parenting classes, and general outreach more than 944 times—in English and/or Spanish. We have done all of this with an annual budget of less than $20,000!

Our focus is on low-income mothers with children, from birth to age 5. We have met mothers as young as fourteen, as well as grandparents raising their grandchildren. We have made our presentations, in English and Spanish, at Head Start parent meetings, public school preschools, state pre-kindergartens, and Child Development Centers. We have spoken to parents in a park in the East County at an end- of-the-year party for preschoolers; and, we have provided two workshops for parents at the California Head Start Annual Conference at Paradise Point Hotel in San Diego. Mom to Madre has traversed the county from San Ysidro to Camp Pendleton to make our message clear: Literacy begins at home, is based on love, and is learned through play.

Our literacy parties reach families and children of all ages. Our exceptional volunteers create special events with art projects, book selection, and fun snacks. During our years of operation, we have seen some of these children grow and prosper. Recently one of our mothers said to me: “My daughter, who has an IEP for learning issues, just tested three years above grade level reading. I want you to know I think Mom to Madre helped this happen because of all the wonderful books you have given her.”

We do our work as a labor of love. We are a volunteer organization. No one receives a salary. We operate without overhead expenses, and all of our donations buy books and materials for the families we serve. We would be grateful for your support to help us continue with this joyful mission. Please support us today so we can continue to provide beautiful books and written materials for families, and spread our message of “Love, Laugh and Learn.”

Please support our outreach to low-income moms and kids by donating to Mom to Madre. Mom to Madre is a California nonprofit corporation, tax exempt under Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c)(3); EIN 27-1299878. We accept both financial and in-kind donations with gratitude. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Thank you for helping us continue our support of families.


Definición de la misión

Mom to Madre tiende una mano a las madres jóvenes que tratan de sobreponerse a las dificultades. Enfocamos en las madres con niños en edades entre 0 y 5 años, que están participando en programas de servicios sociales para familias de bajos ingresos, en el condado de San Diego. Nuestros voluntarias ofrecen de proporcionar información, educación y apoyo, en inglés y en español, para que las madres pueden dar a sus hijos las bases necesarias para aprender y sobresalir en la escuela.

Tratamos de cumplir nuestra misión de varias maneras:

Hablando en las reuniones de padres de familia, en escuelas con alumnos provenientes de familias de bajos recursos.

Haciendo proyectos de arte, con los niños y sus familias, en complejos de vivienda sin ánimo de lucro.

Donando libros, durante todo el ano, niños y padres de familia que los necesitan.

Ofrecemos información importante para los padres en familia, en inglés y español, en el sitio de Internet. ©Mom to Madre 2011

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