Fall Starts Sunday
Seeing the Signs


By Connie Goldin, MA, MFT

Looking Forward to Persimmons
Looking Forward to Persimmons

This coming Sunday, September 22, fall begins. It’s been full summer in San Diego, until this morning. I woke up very early and went outside into the morning air. It felt cool. The Autumnal Equinox is upon us. That’s not to say that we won’t have plenty of hot days in October. It’s just that San Diegans, and other Southern California residents, can tell when there has been a slight shift in the seasons. The sunshine looks different. Yesterday, I was drinking lemonade and enjoying fresh heirloom tomatoes, outside. This morning, I was buying organic pears that had just come to the market, and was checking out the squash. The summer/fall produce and activities will co-exist for a couple of months until around early November. I am ready for the transition to living a little less casually. I am looking forward to “real” cooking and gearing up for the holidays. I love the fall fruit and vegetables that begin to fill the stores; and I am finding beauty in the enormous fall spider webs around my garden.

Here are the things I am seeing, as I go about my day, that say, “fall.”

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