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By Connie Goldin, MA, MFT


Ten Different Types Of Organic Apples


Fall In San Diego


The Autumnal Equinox has just passed. We don’t have many changing leaves or a significant drop in temperature in San Diego, but the signs of fall are beginning. For instance, we are getting huge Halloween- style garden spiders. Their spider webs are fabulous. They are suspended between my trees and bushes waiting for insects and unsuspecting people to plow into their sticky cobwebs. I don’t know why their occurrence is seasonal, but like June Bugs in June, garden spiders appear in the fall in my yard.

The local organic co-op is now full of many species of apples. I remember shopping for produce at the co-op one fall, and realizing that there were so many more apple varieties on display than there were at the supermarkets. Some are locally grown; some are from other locations. They aren’t as big as commercially grown apples, and some may have a wormhole here or there. Their color isn’t perhaps as bright or perfect as those sold at the chains, but they are beautiful in their diversity and uniqueness.

From early fall each year for a couple of months we have beautiful pomegranates in the stores. People who are lucky enough to have a pomegranate tree can grow the lovely fruit easily in San Diego. (This is on my to-do list!) The fruit hangs like red ornaments on the trees. I have seen some yellow pomegranates, too, in private gardens. Our local pomegranate season is from October through January.

The presence of big bags of Halloween candy—bought mine!—have arrived at the stores. Soon houses will sport Indian corn on doors and pumpkins at the entrance. The flocks of brown pelicans that fly over our coast, and at times over my yard, seem to increase in number, a sure sign of fall in coastal San Diego. We also have amazingly beautiful sunsets, enhanced at times from the seasonal Santa Ana winds that blow from the desert to the coast. Towards the end of October, the nights will get cooler and the mornings brisk. But our days will be warm and usually sunny and dry.

Even though we are still in September, I am beginning to think about the Thanksgiving guest list. I probably need to get out a few e-mails to family members that we’ll be hosting the feast. I hope cousin Melissa brings the special lemon and pumpkin cookies. Mom always comes laden with goodies, including her homemade pumpkin pies; and my brother, John, makes the family artichoke salad, which says, “Thanksgiving” to me as strongly as “roast turkey.”

Mom to Madre wishes you a Happy Fall. It is the “gateway” season, leading from one fun festivity to another. May we all enjoy them with family and friends.

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