Enjoying Summer’s Bounty


By Connie Goldin, MA, MFT

The other day, as I looked through the window, I saw a white bit of fluff floating on the breeze. I was intrigued as I watched a miraculous seed delivery system at work. I had purchased two milkweed plants in the winter, to attract Monarch butterflies to my garden. They outgrew their original pots, so I transplanted them and put them in the sun. It worked! All varieties of pollinators visited the plants and my garden. Throughout the summer, hummingbirds, Monarch butterflies, moths, pollen wasps, bees, and other critters, have supped at these plants.

Then a curious thing happened. The milkweed plants started growing hard pointed pods. I guessed they were seed pods. Lo and behold, they began to burst open to show their prolific seed collections. The tiny seeds each have a white fluffy gossamer material designed by nature to fly. We have them everywhere! It occurred to me that the seeds floating in the air, mirror the flight of the Monarch butterflies, which are sustained by the milkweed plants. Nature never fails to amaze me.

Mom to Madre has enjoyed a beautiful summer, watching plants grow in our small container garden, bringing rock painting parties to families, and introducing young moms to some new taste treats. There is so much beauty to be found in nature. Here is a gallery of the bounty of summer, as we see it, Mom to Madre style.


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