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Advent Calendars

Whether your family will be counting the days until Santa arrives, or is now counting the days to Christmas–Advent started yesterday!–Advent Calendars are a beautiful way to help children anticipate and celebrate the season. From religious-themed Advent Calendars, to fun structural “Count-Down Calendars,” there are lots of beautiful choices. Here are a few found at Target, Siesel’s Meats in San Diego, and at Warwicks Bookstore in La Jolla. Happy Counting!

Christmas Books

There are many beautiful, interesting books for children of all ages on the story of Christmas. “The Story of Christmas” by Pamela Dalton is an exquisite picture book that can become a family treasure.

The Classic Board Book, “The Christmas Baby” is a touching story about how the animals welcomed the Baby Jesus.

“Lift the Flap Nativity” is a fun, interactive way to teach children the story Lift The Flap Nativity, and “The Story of Baby Jesus by Elizabeth Tanner” by Elizabeth Tanner is bright and simply told. Young children will enjoy reading it and looking at the illustrations by John Joven.

Happy reading this Christmas season!

Potato and Tangerine Print Wreaths

Have fun making an easy-to-print Christmas wreath with your children. You can use uncoated paper plates, or splurge and buy cardboard “Wilton Cake Circles.” Get out your ribbon, hole punch, scissors and children’s paint in Christmas colors. Cut a potato in half, dip in the green paint, and use as a stamp and make the green wreath. We painted the inside circle in washable gold metallic children’s paint. A tangerine works great, dipped in paint as a smaller stamp. Use red paint for smaller circles. A grape cut in half can be used to add a dash of the gold or metallic silver paint. Let the paint dry then thread ribbon through a hole to hang your wreath in the house.

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