Rock Eggs in Basket

Easter “Eggs” that Last

Fill a basket with lovely painted rocks.


By Connie Goldin


Mom to Madre has always enjoyed painting rocks with children and families at our Family Literacy Parties. This spring, we are painting smooth clean river rocks to look like beautiful Easter eggs. Rocks are a great canvas because if the artist doesn’t like the creation, he or she can simply wipe it off with a paper towel and start again. We always bring paper plates with our art supplies. They can be a palette, the actual “canvas” and a transport method for taking wet rocks home.

Mix white into the bright paints to create an Easter color palette. Dip the rocks for the base color, then smear to cover with fingers. This is a good technique for sealing with Mod Podge when the rocks are dry. Spray sealant also works. Cover the plates while the rocks are drying, to use later. When dry, decorate the rocks using the paint on the plates.

This is a simple, fun craft. Children can use brushes for their designs, or drip dots onto the rocks, swirl the rocks in different paint colors, or invent a new and different technique. With non-toxic supplies, every age child can participate. Reuse an old basket or repurpose a plastic bucket as an Easter basket. Fill it with shredded paper or plastic “straw,” add the dry eggs, and a beautiful Easter basket is created. Easy, inexpensive and lovely.  Add some festive cups filled with treats for the children, and it’s party time!

Fun Snacks and Treats
Fun Snacks and Treats

Beautiful Easter and Spring Books for Children

Most of these books can be purchased at and at Barnes and Noble. I found the Peter Rabbit coloring books and little story books at Target for $1.00 each, in the bargain section.

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