Feeling Gratitude

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr


By Connie Goldin, LMFT


The Thankful Book

Todd Parr creates such fun and helpful books for children. This month, as we wind up for celebrating Thanksgiving, Parr’s book, The Thankful Book, offers parents and kids a chance to reflect on all the wonderful (and funny!) things they have in their lives. Laughter is a great gift. Enjoying family, friends and our loyal and goofy pets is a great joy. Coming together to give thanks helps us appreciate all of the good things our lives have to offer.


In Todd Parr’s biography, he talks about failing art in high school. He kept at it and the wonderfully child-like art he creates to help and empower children makes his readers and audiences happy. I had never drawn or painted until I began to play with it in putting together arts and crafts projects for Mom to Madre’s Family Literacy Parties. I like to see if I can reproduce the wonderful art I am seeing. I drew this by looking at a page in Todd Parr’s book, It’s Okay To Be Different. Creating art in this way is a time-honored method of learning how to draw and paint. Some of the greatest painters we know, like Pablo Picasso, did this when they were young and in art school. Perhaps you and your children can try making people and animals the way Todd Parr does. I used a Sharpie, watercolors and painted on watercolor paper. It was fun!

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