Japanese Cherry Blossoms
Use plastic soda bottles as flower stamps.

By Connie Goldin

This is a Post from Our Archives, 2013, that Is Worth Doing Again!

Cherry Blossoms Say Spring
Cherry Blossoms Say Spring

This is a beautiful painting project. Volunteer, Maureen Blackhall, found this lovely painting activity on Pinterest by alphamom.com. Plastic bottles of various sizes and shapes are used to create lovely flower blossoms. We brought this activity to a group of children ranging in age from seven to about fourteen. We always bring watercolors and a big box of pens for anyone interested in creating a different project. Sometimes every tool gets tried and the results are fabulous. Five adults had fun painting with the children, as well. We brought this wonderful book by National Geographic kids–Cherry Blossoms Say Spring— to show pictures of the Japanese Cherry blossoms in Washington DC to the group. It was very helpful in giving a feeling about the way the blossoms and branches looked.

When grownups draw and paint alongside of children, the kids have a model. They may replicate it or use the adult’s work as a springboard for something different. Whatever happens, everyone has a fun, relaxing time. From now on, I plan on bringing plastic bottles as a standard painting tool.

Washington, DC’s Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Website



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