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Share Your Talents With Others

Hello and thanks for visiting our “Volunteer Opportunities” page. We are all volunteers at Mom to Madre. No one receives a salary for all the good work we have done since October, 2009 for families in San Diego County. Mom to Madre has several interesting and rewarding activities. We speak regularly, in English and Spanish, at parent meetings at local Head Start preschools, child development centers, state preschools, and state pre-kindergartens on elementary school campuses. We have a list of our topics on our Presentations page, which also shows where we have spoken. We go to social service programs serving low-income families and bring an hour-long “Family Literacy Party.” These include an art project, snack, and book donation. Parents and children get to share conversation and fun. Kids love choosing a book to take home to keep. We give kids and families high quality books at all of our events, which means we need to receive books from Book Drives and Outreach. We also need donations to buy new books for kids. We post where we have donated books over the years on our Donations Given page. There are many more ways a person can help. Please contact us at info@momtomadre.org or call 619.309.5151. Thanks for learning more about Mom to Madre and our work in San Diego County.


Here are ways you can use your time and talent to help us serve more moms and kids in San Diego County:

Help with a Book Drive

Prepare Book Donations

Share Your Professional Expertise

Help With Spanish Editing

Help with Fundraising

Co-host Family Literacy Parties

Become a Presenter at Parent Meetings

Serve on the Board of Directors

Join the Advisory Council

Help with Grant Writing



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3 Responses to “Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. Aida Margarita Hernandez Rua, Reply

    Llegué a ustedes por un video que encontré para escribir un post. Me alegró encontrar esta iniciativa. Soy colombiana, mi esposo es cubano, mi hija es colombiana y residimos ahora en Colombia. A pesar de haber nacido en Colombia, mi hija tienen unas condiciones y amor por el terruño de su padre que es sorprende pues solo hasta sus 7 años de edad viajó a conocer el país de su familia paterna. Me encantó el video de Susana Demaestri- Gambardella. Quedo a sus completas órdenes, me encantaría ser parte de esta labor tan hermosa y compartir mis experiencias.

    • Connie Goldin, Reply

      Hola Aida Margarita. Bienvenido a Mom to Madre. Gracias por su comentario interesante. Nos encantaría saber de usted otra vez e invita a su participación. Saludos, Connie Goldin

    • Connie Goldin, Reply

      Muchas gracias Aida Margarita por tu amable comentario sobre Mom to Madre. Por supuesto que nos interesan tus comentarios y experiencias. Son muy valiosas para nuestra labor de compartir con familias de todo el mundo la importancia de los valores morales, culturales y sociales que cada cada comunidad tiene para ofrecer. ¡¡Esperamos oir de ti muy pronto!! Maria E. Rangel

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