Beautiful Sensory Experiences

Every day we encounter sensory input. Some of it is beautiful and enhances our life. This project introduces new sights, smells and fragrances, and tastes to kids. Mom to Madre has done this with older kids to help them find beauty in the world they live in.

Explore Fruit:

 Tangy Citrus Fruits Include Grapefruit, Oranges, lemons, Limes, and Tangerines

Teach your children the aromas of individual citrus fruits. Think of adjectives to describe the various scents.

Apples Make A Beautiful Centerpiece

These are ten different types of organic apples. See how they are different in taste, smell, and appearance. You can do this over time. Talk about their interesting colors and appearance. Do you find a wormhole?

Try Exotic Fruits & Spices For Fun

Mango, papaya, Asian pear, kiwi, passion fruit, and cinnamon sticks have beautiful fragrances and flavors. The cinnamon sticks can flavor hot cider or tea.

Explore Flowers:

Where Does Vanilla Come From?

Vanilla originated in Mexico and comes from a tropical orchid. If you put a vanilla bean into a canister of sugar, it will scent the sugar.

Dried Lavender Is Beautiful & Smells Heavenly

Lavender makes drawers smell lovely. Touch it to feel its texture and then bring your fingers to your nose. What a beautiful scent.

 Plumeria Is Used In Leis In Hawaii

Plumeria is a gorgeous flower that grows in tropical places. This is from Connie’s garden in San Diego. Plumeria smells divine but don’t let small kids handle it or put it in their mouths. Like many beautiful flowers, it is toxic if eaten.

Explore Herbs:

Herbs Are Easy To Grow On A Windowsill Or In A Garden

“Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.. ” and more. Herbs grow easily and are wonderful to smell. Have your kids pinch off a leaf or stalk to smell and learn the scent. Use herbs in your cooking for flavor and fun.

Have fun with your children learning about something new every day. Whether you do this through a trip to the grocery store, nursery center or library, it will expand the range of their sensory experiences and increase their vocabulary as well.

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