Alphabet Books for Everyone!

Happy Newsflash! All of these books have been donated to families since this was published.


These books were donated to Mom to Madre as part of a large and generous gift. 


A Beautiful Book On Play

A Child’s Day–an alphabet of play by Ida Pearle is a collection of design and illustrations of children playing. This charming alphabet book, written by author and illustrator Ida Pearle, is one of nine unique and interesting books of this genre for children from a recent and exciting book donation. Each letter of the alphabet features a simple word that begins with the letter. Although its text is written for young children, it’s a treat for readers of all ages. It is a lovely book for learning “sight words” for beginning readers.

Ida Pearle

A Book Donation That’s Right Up Our Alley!

Patricia Borlenghi (author) and Piers Harper (illustrator) have created a wonderful alphabet book that gives the names of animals in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. From Albatross To Zoo–An Alphabet Book in Five Languages is a wonderful book for many people. Who knew what an “unau” was before reading this fun and wild book. An unau ~ das Unau ~ l’unau commun ~ el unau ~ l’unau is a name for a two-toed sloth. This is a fantastic animal vocabulary builder in five languages–take your pick!

Patricia Borlenghi  From Albatross To Zoo

Piers Harper

A Font Of Information!

alphabeasties and other AmaZing Types by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss, published by Blue Apple Books is an extraordinary alphabet book that introduces the reader to different typefaces in the form of animals, from Alligator to Zebra. The book is a huge vocabulary builder for young readers and is creatively constructed with fold-out pages and whimsical illustrations. This book is a wonderful gift for people of all ages who are interested in art, writing and graphic design.

Art For All Ages

A IS FOR ART AN ABSTRACT ALPHABET by Stephen T. Johnson is a sophisticated book that says “Ages 5-9.” Why limit ourselves! This is a book that shouldn’t have a suggested age range. It features modern art that interests me and I definitely am not nine-years-old. People of many ages will enjoy and learn from A IS FOR ART. Each letter of the alphabet has a text that uses words starting with the letter featured: “Hh Hoopla! Hordes of handmade, homogeneously hued, hollow hula hoops in a huge heap hang…” Talk about a vocabulary builder!

Stephen T. Johnson

Most Beautiful Alphabet Book Ever!

Alphabeasts by Wallace Edwards features lavish illustrations made with watercolors and colored pencils that are fantastic in design and imagination. I laughed out loud at some of the little poems that accompany each letter and drawing. This is truly a book for all ages–the little ones will love the animals, and the grown-ups will love the creativity and whimsy.

Wallace Edwards

Kids Can Press

Spooky, Kooky, And Fun

The Dangerous Alphabet by Neil Gaiman Illustrated by Gris Grimly starts out, “A is for Always, that’s where we embark; B is for Boat, pushing off in the dark:” Two children are about to have the adventure of their lives as they go beneath the city with their pet gazelle, following a treasure map and encountering all sorts of creepy characters, including trolls, monsters, something that looks like a warthog, and spooky ghosts. This book will thrill some children and may scare some young children. It is labeled “Ages 5 up” but I think older children will enjoy it more. If you like Tim Burton and Charles Addams, you’ll enjoy The Dangerous Alphabet, for sure! Give this book a star for vocabulary building.

Neil Gaiman and The Dangerous Alphabet

Gris Grimly, Illustrator


GONE WILD AN ENDANGERED ANIMAL ALPHABET by David McLimans is an amazing graphic art alphabet book for children and adults alike, and is a Caldecott Award winner. Each letter is shaped like the endangered animal it represents–i.e. “Keys Short-Winged Conehead Katydid” features the letter K created with a wing and a leg of the insect. The 26 letters are bold and inventive. This is actually a science book full of zoological and environmental information and vocabulary. Definitely a great book for a family library and for animal lovers of all ages.

David McLimans

Make No Bones About It!

The Skull Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta, author and Ralph Masiello, illustrator, is a great alphabet book that doesn’t tell you what the animal is whose name begins with the letter above it on the page. There are informative clues, and you learn lots about each animal. You have to make an educated guess. To make it more exciting, the authors have hidden drawings of U.S. presidents in the skulls. This is a great science and history book disguised as a kids’ alphabet book. I am so happy to learn about this team!

Jerry Pallotta

Ralph Masiello

Sad But True!

The Extinct Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta (author) and Ralph Masiello (illustrator) is another fabulous science book in the guise of a kids’ alphabet book. This book is entertaining and informative for people of all ages. Here is a shocking scientific fact that I just learned from this book: “…more than ninety-nine percent of all living things that ever lived on Earth are now extinct.” Thankfully, the book is fun, playful and not heavy-handed at all.

The Extinct Alphabet Book

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