Beautiful Picture Books

In the Colors of Fall

By Connie Goldin, LMFT

In San Diego, summer runs into Halloween. Thanksgiving can be a gorgeous 80 degree day, and Christmas is a thrill when the day stays in the low 60s.

So, when I saw the charming children’s book, Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn last week on a hot day, I thought, “It’s just right for San Diego kids, now!” Thankfully, this morning (November 1st) the temperature was a lovely 59 degrees at 7:30. Autumn is here at last.

Here are three wonderful not-just-for-fall books that will delight your family members.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn                                                      Some Pets                                                         Dream Animals

These books have different themes and are not necessarily just “fall books.” They are all illustrated in fall colors and have beautiful artwork and engaging stories for children ages about 3 to 8. However, I too love children’s picture books. The authors and artists (sometimes the same person) are amazingly talented and I am thrilled by a beautiful children’s picture book. I am definitely not in the above mentioned age group. So perhaps older family members will love these, too.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak starts with the word, “Hello.” The charming boy walks through the woods saying “hello” to the trees, the foxes and blue jays and to all the lovely creatures that live in his neighborhood and town. The simple text and beautiful illustrations give the young reader much to look at and talk about. The last pages are darker as the animals prepare for a long sleep. The books ends with the words, “Goodbye, summer…Hello, autumn!”

Some Pets Words By Angela Diterlizzi, Pets By Brendan Wenzel is the second collaboration for this talented team. It is a fabulous collection of animals and words for young readers. As an owner of a twenty-year-old blue and gold macaw, I especially liked their illustration of the macaw and cockatoo, talking. Their first book, Some Bugs is also a marvelous assembly of insects and their correct names, and is a joyful, fun nonfiction book for children. Both books are a must for family libraries.

Dream Animals A Bedtime Journey By Emily Winfield Martin is the type of dream I’d like to have. The author’s lovely poetry is accompanied by lush, magical illustrations. Her dark backgrounds enhance the luminous fall colors–orange, teal, green, and gold–that make this book especially beautiful. This is destined to be a favorite bedtime story for many lucky children.

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