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Learning About Hibernation ~ Aprendizaje acerca de hibernación


By Connie Goldin, LMFT



What is “hibernation?” Who hibernates in your neighborhood and county?

Hibernation refers to a long sleep that many animals have in cold or super hot times that enables them to survive without food and water. Bears are the best known animals that hibernate. However, they actually are in “torpor” not “hibernation.” This means that they are in a deep sleep but they can wake up if they need to.

In San Diego County, there are many creatures that have short hibernations since we have a mild climate. Rattlesnakes, ground squirrels, and Western Pond Turtles are some of our local wild animals that hibernate. For our adventure in learning about hibernation we have two art projects for young children featuring a squirrel in a hole in the ground, and a friendly “toddler turtle” for our youngest artists. There are also books to learn about these interesting creatures.

Squirrel & Turtle Art for Kids ~ El arte de ardillas y tortugas para niños


Inspiration for Squirrel Craft is from BuggyandBuddy.com.

Inspiration for Toddler Turtle Craft from GluedToMyCraft.com
Squirrel and Turtle Books for Kids ~ Libros de ardillas y tortugas para niños

Nuts to You by Lois Ehlert

The House of Pearl the Squirrel ~ La Casita de la ardilla Perla by/por Amy Crane Johns, Ilustrado por Robb Mommaer

The Foolish Tortoise by Eric Carle

¿Por qué las tortugas usan caparazón? por S. Adler, Ilustrado por Abira Das y Maria del Rosario Calderon


Learn More About Hibernation Here ~ Aprenda más acerca de hibernación aquí

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