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Kids who have books at home do well in school!

This past spring I was speaking to parents at a Child Development Center on “Kindergarten Readiness.”  As I was setting up, a young mom came into the room and we began to talk. She was looking at the books I was displaying and touching them as if they were foreign but precious objects. She said she had a four-year-old daughter. I asked her if she had books at home and she said, “No. But I know it is time to get them.” I gave her a book and suggested she get a library card to start having books at home.

On the other side of this issue, I’ll never forget seeing an infant of a teen mom begin to move about, arms and legs in motion, wiggling on his back, as his mom showed him a book. The mother confidently said, “He loves it when I read to him.” I was thrilled! Language and reading skills begin at home and start very early. This baby was getting a real head start.

It’s hard to imagine that kids in San Diego may not have any books in their homes, or have the experience of listening to a story being read out loud to them. I think of the four years the daughter of the young mom at the Child Development Center had missed out on in her language development and reading skills by not having books at home, or having the wonderful experience of being read to by a parent. I was glad the mom reached out to me before the meeting so we could chat a bit.

Even having one book at home is a step in the right direction. Please help us give new books to kids to promote their love of reading. Donate today!

Connie Goldin

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