Making Birds’ Nests

By Connie Goldin, LMFT


Learn about birds’ nests with a fun book and craft project!


Too Tall Houses
Too Tall Houses

Rabbit and Owl are friends who live next door to each other in Too Tall Houses by Gianna Marino. Rabbit has his small house in his garden and Owl lives next door in his small nest-house. They are getting along well…until Rabbit’s house gets too tall and blocks Owl’s view of the forest. The race to the top begins as these two friends build to see who can have the biggest house. It’s not a happy competition until the crazily tall houses come tumbling down. Then, the friends realize the silliness of their quest.

Too Tall Houses will delight young children. Rabbit and Owl are determined critters and fun characters. At some point, readers see the nuttiness of their super house-building antics. Parents can ask their children, “What are these two trying to do?” The answer is, “They are trying to outdo each other!”

Mom to Madre loves the textures and colors of Owl’s house so we decided to use the same color ingredients to make our own nest. Here are some ideas for gathering materials with your children to make some colorful nests.

Here is what we have done:

We gathered wool and cotton yarns, ribbons, twines and kitchen string to cut into pieces. We added rafia and cut rubber band pieces. We omitted plant material since we wanted the nests to last for children to look at. Children enjoy looking and touching the “nesting materials.” If you have small children participating, supervise them so they don’t put the nest items into their mouths.
Find interesting containers for the nesting materials. The bottle filled with the dry goods and water makes a nice “Bird Nest in a Bottle.”
Teach Preschool is our source of inspiration for this fun idea.

Bird's Nest in a Bottle
Bird’s Nest in a Bottle
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