Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales

  Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales For Children By Connie Goldin, MA, MFT ©2010, Mom to Madre A while ago I read that families in England no longer think that Mother Goose is relevant. How can they say that! I’m sure your kids know what “fetch a pail of water” means. Or, that “Baa, baa, black … Continue reading »

Silly Poetry

Write Silly Poetry with your Children-It’s Fun! Writing poetry is fun and it is another great way to develop language skills in children. Funny and nonsensical poems take out any seriousness in the enterprise. Brainstorming silly poems with kids, will get them laughing and thinking about words, rhymes and rhythms. Limericks are a great way … Continue reading »


Connie Goldin talks about books that are excellent for your home library. She recommends that families own a dictionary, picture books of animals and birds, magazines, such as National Geographic, and children’s literature. All of these, within the reach of your children, will make them interested in learning to read.