Exploring The Rainbow Fish Through Art


By Connie Goldin, LMFT


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister and J Alison James is a classic children’s book, loved by all age groups, that tells the importance of sharing with others. The Rainbow Fish is a beautiful creature, with glittery scales that shimmer and dazzle the other fishes. One by one they ask for just one tiny bit of his most prized possessions–his scales–until he only has one left. The joy of giving to others makes the magnificent fish feel content and joyful that he can make others, less fortunate than he is, happy and beautiful, too.

To experience the book through art, we are painting our own “Rainbow Fish.” For our first group of families with children about four- years- old to nineteen, the artists are drawing the outline of the fish with pencil or marker, then filling it in with paint. Our younger children’s group will make a handprint fish and decorate it with beautiful scales. We are using cut celery stalks dipped in paint– thanks to our Head Start friend, Veronica–then used as stamps to create a lovely “scale” effect. The celery makes slightly irregular half-circles that look great sprinkled with glitter. We haven’t used glitter in a while, but one thing we know from experience is: Kids Love Glitter! So, we are excited to bring several types of glitter to sprinkle, glitter glue, and glitter paint. If we have toddlers in the crowd, we’ll skip the loose glitter and just use the glitter paint and glue. (Young children can choke on loose glitter.)

No matter what our theme, our participants get inspired by many things–the art supplies, their personal interests, the surrounding, and whim! We always love the artwork these family groups produce, and we love the families we see, month after month, as well!

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