Art and Geometry
Learning About Shapes through Neighborhood Walks, Books, and Art

By Connie Goldin


Shapes, Shapes, Shapes
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes is a classic children’s book by Tana Hoban, published in 1986. I thought it looked familiar to me and I realized that my children would have had this book. My mother-in-law, Grace Goldin, was an author and historian and most of all, an avid reader. She gave our sons wonderful books and I believe this was among the many great books my kids got to hear and then read. When I looked at the marvelous photos that show geometric shapes in the environment, I was charmed anew. The photography makes me want to go into my neighborhood and look for shapes with my iPhone. The book’s first page advises readers to look for: “arcs, circles, hearts, hexagons, ovals, diamonds, rectangles, squares, stars, trapezoids, triangles.” Interestingly, I was just trying to find the name of a shape I was admiring. It turns out to be a “trapezoid.” Thanks, Tana Hoban, for giving me the name to the perplexing shape I had just created!

Create Shapes with Tape Art

This art project idea comes from Art Play by Marion Deuchars “Color and Masking Tape.”

Buy removable tape or any type of masking or painter’s tape, white watercolor paper, for heft, and use any art supplies that you might have at home–dry pastels, chalk, watercolors, gel crayons, tempera sticks, crayons, and finger paint, all work great! Make a simple, or complex!, design with the tape. Use your tool of choice–paint, chalk, crayons etc.–to color the paper not covered with tape. When your paint, gel crayons, etc. are dry, remove the tape for a beautiful, straight-edge geometric picture. This is a fun project for all ages.


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