Wonder Works Wonders!

Connie discusses the reasons that children need nature and a sense of wonder in their lives. Taking a walk with a young child, without the distractions of a cell phone or iPod, provides an opportunity for bonding. Pointing out the wonders that surround us every day-a flower, a bug, a pretty bird-give a child a … Continue reading »


One of the nicest things a family can do is to establish a time to share dinner together. While it can be a challenge for busy families, setting a day or two a side each week to have dinner together is very important. Besides sharing food, you share language, manners, customs, family stories, and more. … Continue reading »


Connie talks about the benefits to children and families of spending time outdoors and enjoying nature. Nature promotes an awareness and reverence for the beauty in the world, which is very important to a child’s development. You don’t have to go far to find nature-a walk around the block or in the park offers many … Continue reading »


Connie Goldin talks about books that are excellent for your home library. She recommends that families own a dictionary, picture books of animals and birds, magazines, such as National Geographic, and children’s literature. All of these, within the reach of your children, will make them interested in learning to read.


Talking and reading to your kids is a wonderful way to strengthen your bond and build language skills for a lifetime. Connie Goldin talks about activities that promote language and reading from birth on. She addresses the importance of speaking, singing, shared reading, parents as reading role models, and having books at home. Taking children … Continue reading »


Welcome to motherhood! Welcome to Motherhood By Marisa Maricich, R.N. ©2010 Mom to Madre from Connie Goldin on Vimeo. Meet Pediatric nurse, Marisa (28). Mom to Madre Board Member, Marisa Maricich, RN, mommy to two young sons, ages 3 and 6, and an infant daughter, talks to new mothers about the joys and challenges of … Continue reading »